After playing division one basketball in college and graduating with my bachelors degree in kinesiology, I was out looking for a way to stay in shape and to have a healthy and efficiently working body, and then I found Crossfit. I have been Crossfit training for a year now and have found myself to be in the best shape of my life. I push myself to train hard so when it comes time for competition I am more than prepared. I have never been into taking performance enhancers so I usually just stick with a  multi-vitamin and fish oil to help my energy levels and to also help recover faster but then I came across ATP Extreme. I work full time as an EMT in an emergency room and I am also a barista at Starbucks, and I still Crossfit at least four days a week, so I barely have the energy to sleep now a days. I have been taking ATP Extreme constantly for 30 days now and have found myself to have more energy than normal to still feel up for a hard Crossfit session. It has not only given me the energy I need to juggle my life and training, but it also gives me that fast recovery time I need so I can go back at it the next day. I have also found that ATP Extreme has increased my muscle endurance during those long intense WODs. I recently put ATP Extreme  to the ultimate test during the Crossfit Open workouts and I found myself being able to push through longer than I have been able to in the past. Overall taking ATP Extreme has not only helped my workout performance by increasing my endurance and recovery time but it has also helped me by  increasing my energy level to help me get through my long days.


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