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alex-wild-0I was blown away by the results I got using ATP Extreme in combination with your other product Beet Extreme. I tested them on my toughest interval workout and I found my heart rate to be 5-10 beats per minute less for the same effort, and I hit my max power output on the last interval, which has NEVER happened before. (Usually that happens much earlier in the workout) There is no doubt in my mind that any serious endurance athlete will benefit greatly from using ATP Extreme and Beet Extreme! *

Pro MTB/XC Racer for Specialized

JEROME-NADELI started using ATP Extreme toward the end of last season and know that it was a contributing factor to my 11 wins including the Northern California/Nevada District Criterium Championships. Improved power (in sprints and endurance efforts) and faster recovery enabled me to train harder and race with greater confidence. Being Certified Drug Free is critical for me. This is certainly the supplement of choice for competitive cyclists, regardless of age. *


Cat 1 Racer
NCNCA 50+ Criterium Champion
Multiple Time Medalist at USA Cycling Road Race & Criterium State Championships
2017 USA Cycling National Champion 55-59 Criterium
NCNCA BAR- Best All-round Rider Champion 2016


MELINA-0-ATPATP Extreme has been great for me as an endurance athlete. The vasodilation effect helps me sustain high power outputs for longer periods of time, it helps with my recovery, and it helps me sustain intensity during my workouts. Since ATP Extreme allows me to train for longer at 80% of my maximum threshold, I know that it is also helping me increase my VO2 max. I can definitely say with confidence that ATP Extreme has made me a faster, more powerful athlete. *


Pro Cyclist
2x Masters World Champion

KEITH-DEFIEBRE-0Competing at the top level of Cycling in the Masters age groups here in Northern California I am often facing off against Masters National Champions and past Masters World Champions on regular basis. ATP Extreme with its patented form of Adenosine Triphospahte Disodium definitely provides me with a noticeable physical boost during workouts and competition. I felt gains straight away after using ATP Extreme in the most difficult moments of my workouts and races. The vasodilation benefit increases blood flow when my body desperately needs it. This in turn was a bonus to my power output numbers and allowed me to sustain numerous above threshold efforts and still have something left for the finish line push.The product has zero negative side effects, is Certified Drug Free under USADA and the upside is the increased ability to perform sprints and bursts of speed with reduced lactate acid build up. ATP Extreme is a true winning formula! *


Elite Masters Cyclist
3X NCNCA BAR- Best All-round Rider Champion 2011, 2013, 2015.

514 Career Cycling Wins (Downhill, Enduro, Dual Slalom, Cross Country, Cyclocross and Road)
3X Northern California Downhill Champion
2X California State Downhill Champion


When I first started using ATP Extreme, I really put it to the test and it passed with flying colors. The first time I took it, I immediately noticed the vasodilation effect – my muscles warmed up really fast, my endurance was better, i was able to hold red-line efforts for longer periods of time, and I noticed that my cardiovascular stress was reduced because I was able to push faster paces at the same heart rate. These benefits were the same across all three disciplines – the swim, the bike and the run. After about a month on the product, I also noticed that my power and speed interval training really improved a lot, which to me meant that I was getting more explosive and quicker. Needless to say, I am definitely a believer in ATP Extreme for endurance athletes! *

Pro Triathlete

JORDAN-VILLELLAATP Extreme allows me to push my body to the limit and beyond while reaping the benefits out of high-intensity sessions. Having the freedom to go as hard as the workout calls for without worrying about how I will recover the next day, knowing that ATP Extreme is helping my muscles both on and off the bike. Above all, ATP Extreme is Certified Drug Free and vegetarian-friendly, two things that are a strict requirement for me as an athlete. I would recommend ATP Extreme to anyone looking to improve their VO2 Max and over-all strength! *

Pro Cross Country Cyclist


As a pro cyclist, I pay a lot of attention to the details: having the proper equipment, knowing the courses, proper nutrition, etc. When I heard that ATP Extreme is Certified Drug Free and increases oxygen and nutrient delivery to muscles , I had to give it a try, and so far it has definitely delivered as promised! So far this season, my body has been feeling amazing, and ATP Extreme has been an important part of my success. On race day, it gives me the extra edge needed, which makes the difference between winning and losing! *


2012 Canadian National Team Member
2013 Primal Pro Women Team Member


After taking a break from competition to have a baby in 2012, there have been a lot of challenges returning to the top level of my sport. In addition to handling the fatigue from training, there are all the demands of taking care of a little kid–it is so rewarding but can be exhausting! Since being on ATP Extreme, I am able to push harder in training and my recovery has been amazing. Even on days where my legs start off dead, I find that after a good warmup I am still able to perform at a very high level and push the power required for the workout. Because of these great results, ATP Extreme has become an essential part of my training, racing and recovery. There is no doubt in my mind that any endurance athlete could benefit greatly by taking this product! *


Pro Cyclist
2010 USA Crit Series Silver Medalist


I’ve had an awesome experience with ATP Extreme. The first time I used it was in competition. It was the 4th consecutive day of racing for me and we raced 80 miles through rolling terrain. My legs were really tired and sore coming into the race and I was not expecting to perform very well. I ended up doing way better than I expected and since then have started using it consistently in training as well. It basically reduces my rate of fatigue, increases my energy and endurance, stabilizes my heart rate, helps me sustain high power for longer, and helps me perform much better in the hills. It also reduces my recovery times, which is extremely valuable when I have to race on consecutive days. This is an amazing product and I recommend it highly to all my fellow cyclists! *


Pro Cyclist
ELITE Mexican Team Member


I am retired Exercise Physiology Instructor who still loves competing on my bike. At 64 years old, increased performance is very hard to achieve. I started using ATP Extreme about a month ago and immediately noticed that on short, one minute high wattage efforts that my times were the best in five years! In addition, at the end of longer climbs, I was able to hold higher heart rates for longer periods of time, which indicated to me that my lactic threshold had increased. Looking forward to cyclocross season, where ATP Extreme should improve power in those races. Thanks for a great product that actually works! *


Competitive Cyclist
Retired Exercise Physiologist


For me, ATP Extreme is a game changer. When I first started on it, I tested it on T-max intervals and saw immediate improvements in power levels, duration of intervals and number of intervals I was able to complete. ATP Extreme just helps everything open up quicker, so my warm-ups are now faster and less painful, and my body can sustain higher-performance levels for longer durations during workouts or races. ATP Extreme is amazing, and I never race or train without it! *


Competitive Cyclist
2x IN State TT Champion – Cat 4


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