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jon-pera-0The number one benefit I get from ATP Extreme is the reduced lactic acid, and that is really huge for a crossfit athlete because it allows me to do more reps and sets, increasing my training volume. I’ve also noticed that my recovery between training sessions in much better and I’ve been hitting a lot of PR’s in my strength exercises. The performance gains I have experienced have been significant, and I truly believe that any athlete that trains at high intensity will benefit greatly from ATP Extreme. *


Crossfit Athlete
3X Crossfit Games Competitor
2014 NPGL Athlete

jeff-evans-2The first thing I noticed when I started on ATP Extreme was that my recovery time between workouts was WAY better. At the 2015 Brazil Monster Games I finished 1st overall, but the best part was that I felt like my body was 100% before each workout – as if I didn’t even do the previous events. I had never experienced anything like that before. Another cool performance PR I saw was doing a 100 calorie Ski. I hit 4:18 the week before and the repeat on ATP Extreme was 4:09! Definitely seeing some quick and serious gainz from ATP Extreme! *


Crossfit Athlete
2014 Games Competitor


I was really burnt out after the 2013 Crossfit Games, and that’s when I found ATP Extreme. As soon as I started taking it, my training was completely reinvigorated. My energy was way up, my recovery was awesome, my strength started going through the roof and I was hitting PR after PR after PR. This product is truly a GAME-CHANGER. Everyone in my gym smart enough to try it has gotten the same amazing results I have. It allows you to train harder and longer, and helps you maximize the results from your training. To get all these amazing performance benefits without any adverse side effects is awesome! *


Crossfit Athlete
2013 Crossfit Games – 12th Place Masters
2014 & 2015 NPGL Athlete


After just 30 days on ATP Extreme my 405lb back squat went from 6 reps to 10 reps, which is a 60% rep increase. That’s huge. I also noticed that my recovery times are much faster and my endurance is way up due to less lactic acid. Now my training volume is way up, but I still feel fresh coming into every workout. ATP Extreme has been very beneficial to me as a crossfit athlete because it truly does affect all aspect of my performance. *


Crossfit Athlete
4-Time Regional Qualifier
Crossfit Open 14.2 Winner
2014 & 2015 NPGL Athlete

JESSICA-GRIFFITH-0The first time I tried ATP, I used it for an hour long row. First of all, talk about GROSS. To my surprise, I was able to maintain a 2:17 pace for the whole hour and accumulated over 13,000 meters. A week and a half later, I tried rowing a 5k without ATP Extreme and couldn’t even maintain a 2:30 pace. Another eye-opening moment for me was a recent 15 lb PR in my Clean. Between October and January, I couldn’t get anything up over 215. After taking ATP Extreme for about a month, I tried re-maxing and I hit 240!! I weigh…147 on an average day. My mind is blown with this product! *

2015 Crossfit Games Team Competitor

kelly-nicolas-0ATP Extreme has GREATLY impacted my training sessions! As a CrossFit athlete, I am training for competitions that have numerous high volume workouts back to back and ATP Extreme has helped tremendously with lactic acid build up and recovery time. I feel fresher going into my next workouts and can do more reps before feeling fatigued. I can honestly say this product makes a world of difference! *


2015 Crossfit Games Team Competitor


My eye opening moment with ATP Extreme was when I was doing a lactic threshold workout that was airdyne sprints then squat snatches in intervals. Generally my time drops off a bunch after a few rounds but once I started taking ATP extreme, I was able to hold my numbers very well and felt like I was recovering much faster between rounds. That’s when I knew there was definitely something to it. In addition, my strength has gone up dramatically since being on it. ATP Extreme really works! You just can’t argue with all the big PR’s I’ve had since being on it. You have to try it to believe it. Much better than Xtreme Endurance in my opinion. *


Crossfit Athlete
2015 South Regional – 6th Place

mike-hernandez-0When I first started taking ATP Extreme, I immediately noticed how much harder I was able to push my body. This enabled me to program harder and harder workouts, but I kept completing them without any problems and my body still felt good because my recovery was so awesome. Fortunately for me, I found ATP Extreme several months before this year’s Crossfit Open and it played a really big part in me qualifying for SoCal Regionals and eventually finishing 7th. Thanks for making such a great product. It really does affect all aspects of performance and help you get faster results from training. *


Crossfit Athlete
2014 SoCal Regional – 7th Place
2014 & 2015 NPGL Athlete

ryan-nerenbergThere is no doubt in my mind that ATP Extreme is the best performance enhancer I have ever used! Anyone who trains at high intensity needs to be taking ATP Extreme if they want to get the most out of their training. Within just 60 days on the product, I hit huge PR’s for Jerk, Snatch, Back Squat, Front Squat, Fran and my mile run. To see these types of gains in 60 days really blew my mind! *


Crossfit Athlete
2015 CF Open – 27th Place in Socal

richard-hernandezI tested ATP Extreme on a tough Clean & Jerk Ladder workout: 10 @185# + 10 @205# + 10 @225# for time. Without ATP Extreme, it took me 6:32. 2 weeks later I did the same workout again but this time taking ATP Extreme, and I was able to complete it in 5:33. What blew me away is that after the first run, I thought I had a very fast time and that there would be no way I could beat that time by much with ATP Extreme – yet I beat it by nearly 1 minute, which was a HUGE improvement. After that, I was sold. *


Elite Crossfit Athlete


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