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ATP Extreme has truly taken my training to the next level. My pumps have been through the roof, my vascularity has been crazy and my training capacity off the charts. Since being on it, I’ve been training like an animal – like hitting 315 on bench for 20 reps (something I had never come close to in the past), and my muscle soreness is way down as well. I can’t say enough good things about this product. Anyone who wants to train harder, build muscle faster and get shredded needs to try this product! *


IFBB Pro Bodybuilder


ATP Extreme is an extremely effective ergogenic aid for the gym. I’ve been using it for over a year now and since being on it, I get much better pumps, my strength levels have increased, and my endurance is way up. I recommend it to all my clients and virtually all of them get the same results I have been getting. This is a fantastic product, I highly endorse it, and I will not workout without it! *


Premiere Bodybuilding & Diet Coach
NPC Masters Bodybuilder


Before I started taking ATP Extreme I had reached a plateau and I was looking for something to help me bust through it. As soon as I started taking it, I noticed the difference right away. My endurance went through the roof, my muscle pumps improved dramatically, my lactic acid went way down and my strength gains were unbelievable. For example, within just 2 weeks on the product, I was able to more-than-double my reps of 315 lbs on bench press, which is insane… and these types of gains came across the board on all different exercises for me. As a Natural Bodybuilder, I am very careful about what I put into my body. With ATP Extreme being all-natural and stimulant-free, I get all the benefits I want without having to worry about any long-term side effects. That’s important to me. *


WNBF Pro Bodybuilder


ATP Extreme has really taken my training to the next level. My pumps are outrageous, my vascularity is more pronounced than ever, my endurance is SIGNIFICANTLY better, and my strength has been increasing at a faster rate than ever before. In some cases I was able to double or even triple my reps to failure after just a month or so on the product, which is absolutely crazy! I have also found ATP Extreme to help me get more out of my other supplements, especially my carb-based pre-workouts. In my opinion, anyone serious about building a better physique, needs to be taking this product. The fact that it is all-natural and free of added stimulants is just a bonus. *


IFBB Physique Pro


ATP Extreme has really helped me on my high volume training days. I always get very winded at the end of a set due to the intensity, but then how fast I recover and go back to doing the same weight and reps and feel no fatigue since being on ATP Extreme is amazing sometimes! These workouts have short rest periods too, so it makes the benefits of ATP Extreme more definitive for me. I 100% believe that ATP Extreme is the best performance enhancing supplement I have ever used…. No Crash! No Jitters! No Letdown in performance!! Very consistent, and very reliable!! I strongly recommend this to everyone!! *


Pro Bencher


I’ve been doing this for over 27 years and I have never found a product that works better than ATP Extreme. It has raised my training capacity tremendously and gives me an extreme, numbing pump every time I hit the gym! In my opinion, it blows away any of the creatine or N.O. products out there and I love that it is all-natural and stimulant-free. When you can train this hard and get these kinds of insane pumps, you can’t help but get better faster results in the gym! *


NPC Heavyweight Bodybuilder


ATP Extreme has helped me tremendously with my strength gains. I have never been stronger and it’s amazing the strength I now have with my bench and my squats and really overall everywhere else. I have never been able to squat 500 pounds and I now can. Prepping for two years straight, you usually don’t lift heavy, but with ATP Extreme I was able to actually increase my strength tremendously. Other pre-workout supplements cause this huge crash and ATP Extreme doesn’t do that. It is the best I’ve found and I literally cannot train without it. So many crazy ingredients are added to supplements now days so it is nice to be able to take something that is so safe without all the added stimulants, but yet is so unbelievably effective! *


NPC Physique Competitor
Fitness Model

GREG-WAYNE-0Within thirty to forty minutes of consuming ATP Extreme, you will notice muscle fullness and size as well as peak physical performance like you have never imagined.  Since I have been using ATP Extreme, my gains have been remarkable. It has increased my strength, enhanced my endurance, and produces intense pumps. All of this without any jitteriness or upset stomach that other products tend to cause. ATP Extreme is one of the most complete products I have ever taken as far as recovery, training and growth. I have used many products and am not easily impressed, but this product definitely has the WOW factor! *


NPC Bodybuilder


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