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ATP Extreme has affected every aspect of my performance. It has increased my strength, my endurance is up, my pumps are better, i’m more vascular, and my recovery is much better too. Unlike other supplements I’ve tried that typically give you the jitters or affect your stomach negatively, I’ve had no side effects from ATP Extreme and the benefits have been awesome. The other thing I like about ATP Extreme is that I can take it all the way up to a contest and it really helps me keep my energy and strength up during those really tough final weeks of contest prep. *


WBFF Figure Pro


ATP Extreme has been great for me as an endurance athlete. The vasodilation effect helps me sustain high power outputs for longer periods of time, it helps with my recovery, and it helps me sustain intensity during my workouts. Since ATP Extreme allows me to train for longer at 80% of my maximum threshold, I know that it is also helping me increase my VO2 max. I can definitely say with confidence that ATP Extreme has made me a faster, more powerful athlete. *


Pro Cyclist
2x Masters World Champion


My experience with ATP Extreme has been incredible. I started seeing results the first day on the product and have continued to see results to this day. My strength has gone up significantly, I am able to do a lot more reps and sets during training, and I feel like I am able to build muscle faster. I also found that I was able to maintain my strength all the way up to a competition, which is something no other supplement has been able to do for me. ATP Extreme is definitely a product that every serious female athlete needs to be using! *


IFBB Figure Pro


ATP Extreme has really helped me deal with lactic acid and reduce my recovery times. I started using it mid way through the 2013 season and immediately noticed how much better my body was able to handle the high intensity training required as a 400m sprinter. Since each batch is Certified Drug Free, I can use it with confidence under USADA and I’m excited to see how long-term, consistent use of ATP Extreme will help me on my quest for a 2016 Olympic Medal! *


Pro 400m Sprinter
2013 National Champion


ATP Extreme was recommended by my coach Eric Dilauro and I have loved it since Day 1! It has reduced my lactic acid, increased my training capacity, improved my muscle pumps, and increased my strength… all without any jitters or unwanted side effects. I have also found that I was able to maintain my strength and energy levels even during the last 2 weeks of contest prep when I am normally totally depleted and exhausted all the time. This has NEVER happened before! *


IFBB Figure Pro


I’ve had an awesome experience with ATP Extreme. The first time I used it was in competition. It was the 4th consecutive day of racing for me and we raced 80 miles through rolling terrain. My legs were really tired and sore coming into the race and I was not expecting to perform very well. I ended up doing way better than I expected and since then have started using it consistently in training as well. It basically reduces my rate of fatigue, increases my energy and endurance, stabilizes my heart rate, helps me sustain high power for longer, and helps me perform much better in the hills. It also reduces my recovery times, which is extremely valuable when I have to race on consecutive days. This is an amazing product and I recommend it highly to all my fellow cyclists! *


Pro Cyclist
ELITE Mexican Team Member


ATP Extreme is an exceptional product! As a pro bodybuilder, I’ve used many, many supplements and I’ve never come across an all-natural, stimulant-free product that is this effective. Since being on it, my muscle pumps have been insane (sometimes lasting as long as 2 days) and my strength has gone through the roof. Within just a few months on the product, my max squat went from 225 lbs to 365 lbs, which totally blew me away. No matter what kind of athlete you are, ATP Extreme is definitely a product that will help you reach your goals faster. *


IFBB Pro Bodybuilder


ATP Extreme has everything I need in a pre-workout without the jitters or added stimulants. Since being on it, my strength is way up, my rep ranges increased, rest times between sets decreased, my cardio is much easier, and the recovery is amazing! Another major difference is the pump and vascularity while using ATP Extreme versus other pre-workout products. From my personal experience, I have made some real gains in strength and overall conditioning. As a competitor, I feel at ease knowing that ATP Extreme is drug/stimulant free with no banned substances. ATP Extreme is definitely a staple in my diet and supplement plan! *


IFBB Figure Pro


Prior to using ATP Extreme, I found myself struggling through some workouts; drop sets, super sets and HIIT. All required serious intense training. Since taking ATP, I’ve noticed immediate changes in my strength, powerful explosions and energy. I NEVER have to worry if I’ll be able to get through my workouts and the recovery is absolutely amazing. Plus, during my last contest prep, not once did I lose my strength, endurance or energy, even during my severe dieting stages. That has never happened before so I know it was due to me taking ATP Extreme. *


NPC Figure Competitor

steph-collins-0As soon as I added ATP Extreme I noticed strength gains immediately. I started taking it during my off season so some of that is to be expected. It was going into my first competition season with ATP Extreme that I really appreciated its impact. I lost very little, if any strength despite the diet depletion process that goes with competing. This current improvement season has been mind blowing thanks to ATP Extreme. I went from dead lifting 90 lbs to now dead lifting 150 lbs. I only weigh 135 lbs. Leg presses right now are at 500 lbs with much longer Time-Under-Tension, whereas before I could only do 360 lbs. Squats went from 70 at best, to now warming up with 90. I am constantly setting new PR’s on different exercises. I will not workout without my ATP Extreme! *


NPC Bikini Competitor


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