I am a national level competitor who’s knowledge and capabilities have been instilled by legendary trainers and bodybuilders. I have tried using many pre-workout supplements looking to keep the edge in my attack when training for big events. The main problem I had with other pre-workouts is that my body would get use to an ingredient after a few weeks. Less then 6 weeks ago I started taking ATP Extreme, a mighty performance enhancer. And I say enhancer not pre-workout because there is no stimulation or tingly feeling prior to your workout. Usually I would feel the fatigue set in half way¬†thru my rigorous training sessions; but now I just feel power and endurance throughout my training. In fact, I’m getting just as much of a pump in the end of my workout as I am in the beginning. This product is amazing! And not to mention, there’s no crash, but there is muscle mass to be had. If your looking for a great performance enhancer that’s going to push you pass the competition, this is your ticket!

Jamil Dotson