I started using ATP Extreme about a month before my second CrossFit competition. During this time my coach Michael Hernandez began programing more intense strength and conditioning workloads. These workloads consisted of three or more workouts with a 5-10 minute rest between each. The first week I started taking ATP Extreme I didn’t notice too much. Then when the second week came around I started noticing that I didn’t need to rest as much during workouts as I did before, and my capacity to train with these workloads had greatly improved. ATP Extreme has noticeably increased my upper training threshold which has dramatically improved the results I am getting from training.

I feel like this product is excellent for CrossFit athletes because we are committed and we spend countless hours working on our lifts, skills and conditioning. In my opinion, there is no comparison to any other performance supplement; ATP Extreme will give you what you need to complete multiple intense workouts. I highly recommend this product to anyone who is looking to improve their workouts.

Courtney Crouch
NoX Training – Riverside, CA


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