I really wanted to measure the benefits I got from ATP Extreme, so I tracked my progress over a 60 day period. Before I started on ATP Extreme, my performance had plateaued so I was looking for a product to help get me progressing again.

Here’s what I experienced over the 60 days:


  • Before ATP Extreme: 250
  • 60 Days on ATP Extreme: 275


  • Before ATP Extreme: 195
  • 60 Days on ATP Extreme: 210


  • Before ATP Extreme: 335
  • 60 Days on ATP Extreme: 350


  • Before ATP Extreme: 290
  • 60 Days on ATP Extreme: 310


  • Before ATP Extreme: 2:39
  • 60 Days on ATP Extreme: 2:27


  • Before ATP Extreme: 6:07
  • 60 Days on ATP Extreme: 5:09

400M RUN

  • Before ATP Extreme: 1:12
  • 60 Days on ATP Extreme: 1:01

As you can see, ATP Extreme DRAMATICALLY improved my performance in pretty much every area. To see these types of gains in 60 days really blew my mind.

There is no doubt in my mind that ATP Extreme is the best performance enhancer I have ever used! Anyone who trains at high intensity needs to be taking ATP Extreme if they want to get the most out of their training. Thanks for making such an awesome product!

Ryan Nerenberg