About a month ago I was given an opportunity to try out a month’s supply of ATP extreme. Being a Doctor, vegan bodybuilder and a natural athlete my requirements for any supplements in my diet and training regime were simple and ATP Extreme fell in this category. I started using 4 capsules 30 minutes before workouts about a month ago and effects as claimed in the website is NOT JUST HYPE. It will do exactly as it is meant to do: it boosted my muscular endurance, it maximized by training regime, has enabled me recover faster without much soreness and I see more veins all over my forearms and legs for the very first time. Being in the medical profession and knowing basic medical physiology I know that all these are attributes to enhanced N.O production leading to vasodilation and improving blood circulation. My friends have noticed this marked vascularity and think I am on other supplement regime.. I am very impressed and have given ATP my own acronym: “Awesome Training Partner.” At this stage I am more than eager to continue with the use of this Awesome Preworkout supplement as I pursue my passion in competing nationally and internationally in drug tested bodybuilding and physique events. It is an evidence-based product that has proved its worth.


Dr. Ram M. Vaderhobli, DDS, MS
Associate Professor
UCSF School of Dentistry
National Physique Competitor