As a rule, I’m generally skeptical of supplements and the claims that they make. In my view the best way to improve performance is through hard work and discipline. With this philosophy in mind, I tested ATP Extreme in a single case study.

One subject performed an anaerobic threshold test on consecutive weekends. The subject completed identical training weeks prior to each test, and ate identical meals the evening before and the morning of testing. The meals were both eaten 3 hours prior to testing. Four capsules of ATP Extreme were taken one hour prior to testing in both trials. No ATP Extreme was taken during the preceding training week.

The dependent variables measured were heart rate, lactate concentration, wattage at failure (subject unable to continue), and duration of test at failure. The test protocol involved an initial load of 150 Watts with 30 Watt increases occurring every 3 minutes. Blood samples were taken after each 3 minute stage was completed.

The results were evident during testing and were easily confirmed in the post test analysis:

  • The average lactate concentration across all stages had decreased by 24%, with no significant changes in heart rate, or wattage at each stage.
  • The time to failure increased by 8.3%.
  • Wattage at failure increased by 4.5%.
  • Calculated VO2Max also increased by 4.5%.

These numbers are compelling despite the fact that it is a single case study. I plan to run additional tests to see what effect “loading” has on testing. But as far as a pre-event supplement, this appears to be a no-brainer. I will be recommending this to my athletes. Thanks so much for introducing me to this product!


Jack Bice
Endurance Athlete Coach / Physical Therapist
Huntsville, AL