As a football player and track athlete, I was hoping ATP Extreme would help me increase my speed and strength. I started taking it in March of this year. It was still early in the season but I was training pretty intense. After about a week of taking ATP Extreme, I could already see and feel a change in my body as well performance. Over the next 2 months, I put on almost 20 pounds of muscle (only taking ATP Extreme & my protein supplement), my muscle definition got crazy,  and my strength increases have been insane! The other thing that amazed me was how fast I was recovering. No matter how hard I trained, I hardly had any muscle soreness and I was able to recover from my toughest workouts within just hours instead of days like it used to be.  I’m now in mid track season and have set new PRs in every race despite adding the 20 pounds. I honestly cannot put into words how much ATP Extreme has done for my athletic performance. Everyone who sees me is asking me what I am taking because they see how much stronger and faster I am and how much muscle I have added. If you are a serious athlete trying to maximize your training, you definitely need to be taking ATP Extreme. You still gotta do the work, but if you train hard, you will be blown away by the results.

James Fisher