As a martial artist and bodybuilder, I must push my body to its limit daily in order continually grow and improve as an athlete. I am a very driven person but sometimes even the most dedicated run out of fuel. When I first began taking ATP Extreme as my pre-workout, I was concerned that like every other pre-workout I’ve tried I would have side effects, whether it’s tingling, itching, shortness of breath, digestive problems, etc.

From day one on ATP Extreme, I could immediately breath extremely well through my entire workout, which told me how much more oxygen was getting to my muscles. I’ve also gained strength and endurance even while on a carb free diet, and every workout leaves me with an INSANE pump! I fell in love with ATP Extreme and now want to share this amazing product with everyone I know! With ATP I have taken my training to a new level! I’m a believer!