I’ve taken my fair share of supplements over the years all with various results. Being military I’ve got to watch what I use as we’ve got strict rules. The first thing that got my attention about ATP Extreme was that it was stimulant and banned substance free. So that was plus from the start. When I first started taking it I was a little skeptical as I’m used to the rush of a typical stimulant-filled pre-workout. Once I started lifting though, I had solid energy the entire workout!

It’s been a little over two weeks using ATP Extreme and I’m thoroughly impressed. My strength keeps going up, my rest times are shortening and the pumps are AMAZING. But what’s so awesome is that this product works great for every type of workout. I like to switch things up and keep the body guessing whether it be lifting in the gym, a CrossFit style workout, or simply going for a run. No matter what type of training I do, ATP Extreme gives me plenty of energy and it doesn’t feel like my heart or lungs are going to explode!