I really began noticing the results of ATP Extreme about 10-11 days into starting the product. I’m a CrossFit Athlete so my training consists of a little bit of everything…from weightlifting to powerlifting to olympic lifting to running, rowing, gymnastics and even calisthenics! Overall, I’ve felt the biggest difference in my endurance. Even after taking a few days off from training, I didn’t feel setback as I have in times past without this product! My capacity to train has steadily been longer and better! I feel like this product is amazing for CrossFit athletes because we are so dedicated and driven and therefore spend countless hours working on our lifts and skills and intense WODs (workouts).

In my opinion, there is no comparison to any other performance supplement in the sense that ATP Extreme will give you what you need to complete an intense workout…meeting the goals that you set for yourself, and allow you to walk away without a tummy ache, that crazy wired feeling, or a massive crash in energy when your workout is over but your day is not!!!

On days that I know I’ll be doing my workout lasting more than 2 hours in one shot, I take 4 capsules about 40 minutes before my training begins! On days that I plan to split up my lifting and WODing into two parts, I take 2 capsules about 30-40 minutes before each segment! What I love the most about ATP Extreme is that I don’t have to worry about being in the middle of a competition and having to run to the bathroom every 5 minutes because my tummy is messed up! The side effects are all positive and I’ve never been able to say that about another product!!!

Kylee Claxton
Crossfit Dynamix

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