This is my first year of being a professional track athlete and ATP Extreme has been doing amazing things for my training and weight lifting. At first I was a bit nervous to take it because I didn’t know if there would be any side effects from it. But as time went by, I have definitely noticed the difference in my workouts. Before ATP Extreme, I had a hard time training longer and struggled with recovery time during my workouts. Now, I’m able to push my body through the lactic acid burn, I’m recovering faster, I’m lifting more weights than ever before, and I can push myself to another level that I didn’t even know I had. ATP Extreme has given me a very high level of confidence going into this upcoming year to make a name for myself and accomplish my goals. Thank you ATP Extreme for giving me the chance to show younger athletes to go for dreams and not give-up!

La’Shawn Butler
All-American and ALL SEC athlete from the Univ of Arkansas