In order to be the best athlete possible you have to take care of every aspect of your training, nutrition and supplementation. If one of those elements is not in place it can throw off your ability to excel past your competition on the day you spent months preparing for. I am IFBB Pro Bodybuilder, Lionel Brown, aka L-Train. Recently I was given the opportunity to test out ATP Extreme. Usually I’m skeptical in trying new products as most are full of marketing hype and few, if any, tangible benefits. I was surprised at how my body and workouts responded when taking ATP Extreme.

What is different? What do I notice from taking ATP Extreme? I’m able to get greater pumps and my vascularity becomes UNREAL. One of the greatest benefits for me is the ability to get through my grueling workouts with much more endurance and very little fatigue. Because of that, I don’t need to take as many or as long of a break between sets. Another result from taking ATP is there is less lactic acid build up. I am definitely not as sore after a heavy training day. Thank you ATP Extreme for creating a product that works. I will definitely be using this product on the road to the Olympia Stage.

IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Lionel Brown (L-Train)
Personal Trainer, Conditioning & Competition Coach,
Nutrition Expert