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IFBB Pro Bodybuilder

My pumps have been through the roof, my vascularity has been crazy and my training capacity off the charts. Since being on it, I’ve been training like an animal – like hitting 315 on bench for 20 reps (something I had never come close to in the past), and my muscle soreness is way down as well. I can’t say enough good things about this product!



Crossfit Athlete
4-Time Regional Qualifier

After just 30 days on ATP Extreme my 405lb back squat went from 6 reps to 10 reps, which is a 60% rep increase. That’s huge! I also noticed that my recovery times are much faster and my endurance is way up due to less lactic acid. Now my training volume is way up, but I still feel fresh coming into every workout.


Pro 400m Sprinter
2X National Champion

I have been taking ATP Extreme for about 3 years now. In that time, I set the NCAA 400m record and won 2 US National titles. Since I started taking it I can train harder, my body recovers faster, I get faster gains, and I am able to finish races much stronger. The lactic acid burn is all the way down and my body just doesn’t fatigue the way it used to.



WNBF Pro Bodybuilder

As soon as I started taking it, I noticed the difference right away. My endurance went through the roof, my muscle pumps improved dramatically, my lactic acid went way down and my strength gains were unbelievable. For example, within just 2 weeks on the product, I was able to more-than-double my reps of 315 lbs on bench press, which is insane… and these types of gains came across the board on all different exercises for me. 



Crossfit Athlete
2-Times Games Competitor

The number one benefit I get from ATP Extreme is the reduced lactic acid, and that is really huge for a crossfit athlete because it allows me to do more reps and sets, increasing my training volume. I’ve also noticed that my recovery between training sessions in much better and I’ve been hitting a lot of PR’s in my strength exercises. 



IFBB Physique Pro

ATP Extreme has really taken my training to the next level. My pumps are outrageous, my vascularity is more pronounced than ever, my endurance is SIGNIFICANTLY better, and my strength has been increasing at a faster rate than ever before. In some cases I was able to double or even triple my reps to failure after just a month or so on the product, which is absolutely crazy!



Pro Sprinter
3X National Champion

I have been taking ATP Extreme for over 3 years now and I can say without a doubt that these have been the most productive years of my entire career. I am training harder than ever, my body is recovering faster than ever, and I am finishing my races stronger than ever, all of which has helped me run sub 10 seconds almost every time I step on the track for a 100m race. The way ATP Extreme helps with lactic acid is incredible. If you are a high performance athlete, you need to be taking it if you want to maximize your potential as an athlete!



Cat 1 Racer
NCNCA 50+ Criterium Champion

I started using ATP Extreme toward the end of last season and know that it was a contributing factor to my 11 wins including the Northern California/Nevada District Criterium Championships. Improved power (in sprints and endurance efforts) and faster recovery enabled me to train harder and race with greater confidence. Being Certified Drug Free is critical for me. This is certainly the supplement of choice for competitive cyclists, regardless of age. 



NPC Heavyweight Bodybuilder

I’ve been doing this for over 27 years and I have never found a product that works better than ATP Extreme. It has raised my training capacity tremendously and gives me an extreme, numbing pump every time I hit the gym! In my opinion, it blows away any of the creatine or N.O. products out there and I love that it is all-natural and stimulant-free. When you can train this hard and get these kinds of insane pumps, you can’t help but get better faster results in the gym! 



Elite Crossfit Athlete

The first time I tried ATP, I used it for an hour long row. First of all, talk about GROSS. To my surprise, I was able to maintain a 2:17 pace for the whole hour and accumulated over 13,000 meters. A week and a half later, I tried rowing a 5k without ATP Extreme and couldn’t even maintain a 2:30 pace. Another eye-opening moment for me was a recent 15 lb PR in my Clean. Between October and January, I couldn’t get anything up over 215. After taking ATP Extreme for about a month, I tried re-maxing and I hit 240!! 



Competitive Cyclist

I am retired Exercise Physiology Instructor who still loves competing on my bike. At 64 years old, increased performance is very hard to achieve. I started using ATP Extreme about a month ago and immediately noticed that on short, one minute high wattage efforts that my times were the best in five years! In addition, at the end of longer climbs, I was able to hold higher heart rates for longer periods of time, which indicated to me that my lactic threshold had increased. Looking forward to cyclocross season, where ATP Extreme should improve power in those races. Thanks for a great product that actually works! 



Elite Crossfit Athlete

I tested ATP Extreme on a tough Clean & Jerk Ladder workout: 10 @185# + 10 @205# + 10 @225# for time. Without ATP Extreme, it took me 6:32… 2 weeks later I did the same workout again but this time taking ATP Extreme, and I was able to complete it in 5:33. What blew me away is that after the first run, I thought I had a very fast time and that there would be no way I could beat that time by much with ATP Extreme – yet I beat it by nearly 1 minute, which was a HUGE improvement. 


Pro 400m Sprinter
2017 4×400 World Silver Medalist

ATP Extreme is such a amazing product. I started using it when I was a junior in college. While taking it I seen tremendous improvements in my recovery time and how I handle lactic acid, which allowed me to get through workouts that I was once struggling to get through. In addition, my strength gains in the weight room made a complete jump. I’m just an overall better athlete and that’s what it’s going to take to be great in the sport of track and field.



Competitive Cyclist

For me, ATP Extreme is a game changer. When I first started on it, I tested it on T-max intervals and saw immediate improvements in power levels, duration of intervals and number of intervals I was able to complete. ATP Extreme just helps everything open up quicker, so my warm-ups are now faster and less painful, and my body can sustain higher-performance levels for longer durations during workouts or races. ATP Extreme is amazing, and I never race or train without it! 

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