My name is MacKenzie Hill. I am a 400m hurdler. I have been running professionally since 2009/2010 and have had some success in my sport since. I represented the US in the 2011 Pan American Games and competed at the 2012 Olympic Trials. Over the past few years one thing I have struggled with is recovery and the onset of lactic acid while training. This season I began using ATP Extreme and could definitely feel the difference. I am not as sore from one training session to the next, and I am recovering better between my track workout and weight room workout. I have more energy and am able to execute my weight room workout more effectively and efficiently. At one point I ran out of my ATP Extreme, and didn’t take it for a few weeks and really noticed my recovery wasn’t as good, and lactic acid began to set in faster during my workouts. After I began taking the supplement again, my recovery improved and I was able to get through the workouts a lot easier. With that said, I am convinced that ATP has been the missing piece in my training. I can honestly say that I notice the difference in recovery, endurance and lactic acid build up, and I believe that ATP Extreme will help me achieve my goals. I have been right on the bubble and I think I found what I need to pop it!

MacKenzie Hill

2012 Olympic Trial Qualifier
2011 Pan Am Games Team Member
2011 Pan Am Games 400mh finalist and 4th in the 4×4 Relay
2010 6th at USA Outdoor National Championships