I started using ATP Extreme in December 2012 during my contest prep for the 2013 contest season. The first time I tried ATP Extreme, I immediately noticed that I was able to push through my heavy training sessions with more intensity and with a great pump.  I didn’t get that ‘jittery’ feeling that I experienced with other pre-workout supplements.  I continued using ATP Extreme before every workout and was able to recover quickly.  My contest prep diet was very strict and during the last few weeks before contest, my program required increased HIIT cardio.  My strength training sessions involved high rep ranges with little rest in between sets.  This was very challenging; however, I was able to grind through each rep. Thanks to ATP Extreme I was able to achieve significant gains in strength and improve my overall conditioning and physique.   I had an amazing 2013 contest season and I am looking forward to another great year of competing in 2014. I highly recommend ATP Extreme to athletes that are looking for a product that does the job and gets results!

May Strickland
National Figure Competitor