I’m using ATP Extreme for the first time and it’s been GREAT for my training! I’ve been training longer and harder, and recovering better on my speed endurance days. It’s helping me focus while I am running because now its truly mind over matter because the endurance is there and it allows me to push my limits through the lactic acid. ATP Extreme is helping me train through my toughest workouts, I believe ATP Extreme can put me on top and shock the world next year and you may wonder why next year… and its because I will be able to train like a Monster during off season and that’s where the work truly begins. Great Off-Season means a Great Season. ATP Extreme has allowed my confidence to become so high that I will be training in the off season with the 400 group even though I am a 100 and 200m sprinter. I will no doubt have a new testimony to give this time around next year!
Michael Coleman
NCAA All American 2007 100m
14 time WAC conference Champion
2012 200m Olympic trails semifinalist