4 Reasons All Track Athletes should be using ATP Extreme

REASON 1: ATP Extreme can have a DRAMATIC impact on Endurance in High Intensity Intervals

In Dec of 2015, ATP Nutritionals did an in-house study with 9 highly trained crossfit athletes. They were asked to complete a tough Thruster workout without ATP Extreme, and then do it again with ATP Extreme a week later. The participants only took ATP Extreme on the day of the 2nd workout (4 capsules).

The Results:

  • With 1 dose of ATP Extreme, the average rep increase over all 9 athletes was 17.9%.

The Workout:

  • 5 Round AMRAP: 1 Minute of Thrusters @135 lbs + 3 min rest.

This data supports the ability of ATP Extreme to dramatically improve endurance while undergoing high intensity, anaerobic interval training.

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I have been taking ATP Extreme for almost 2 years now and I can say without a doubt that these have been the most productive years of my entire career. I am training harder than ever, my body is recovering faster than ever, and I am finishing my races stronger than ever, all of which has helped me run sub 10 seconds almost every time I step on the track for a 100m race. The way ATP Extreme helps with lactic acid is incredible. If you are a high performance athlete, you need to be taking it if you want to maximize your potential as an athlete!


Pro Track and Field Sprinter
2014 100m National Champion
2-Time 60m National Champion

REASON 2: ATP Extreme can have a DRAMATIC impact on Strength Gains

In a 12 week double-blind, published study, the main active ingredient in ATP Extreme was proven to increase strength by these percentages:

  • Increased Squat Strength 3.15 Times Faster than training alone
  • Increased Deadlift Strength by 2.38 Times Faster than training alone
  • Increased Bench Press Strength by 1.71 Times Faster than training alone
  • Increased Overall Body Strength 2.47 Times Faster than training alone

There is no other legal supplement we are aware of that has been scientifically proven to increase strength by these types of margins!

In this same study, our ATP ingredient was also proven to Build Lean Muscle 2 Times Faster than training alone, which is insane!

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Since I’ve been taking ATP Extreme, I’ve been performing a lot better in both practice and competition. In practice, I notice my legs recover faster between intervals, lactic acid doesn’t affect me as much, and I don’t fatigue as quickly, allowing me to run better times in my latter intervals. In competition, I’ve noticed I’ve been finishing races stronger than ever. Thanks for making such a great product and helping me win a National Championship!


Pro 400m Track and Field Sprinter
2015 400m National Champion
Indoor 4×400 World Record Holder

REASON 3: ATP Extreme can have a DRAMATIC impact on Your Recovery between Intervals and between Training Days

ATP Extreme is a proven vasodilator, which means it opens up the blood vessels, allowing for greater oxygen and nutrient delivery to the muscles and more efficient removal of catabolic waste products like lactic acid. These two benefits combined will result in MUCH faster recovery so you can come back set after set and day after day and crush your workouts!

In addition, the Interval Training Study we completed (mentioned above) showed that the biggest rep improvements came in the 4th and 5th rounds, where lactic acid fatigue is typically a major factor.

  • In the 4th Round, the average rep increase was 21.8%
  • In the 5th Round, the average rep increase was 30.5%

This data indicates that the athletes were able to recover MUCH BETTER during the 3 minute rest periods while on ATP Extreme and these results would be similar to running faster times in your 4th and 5th sprint intervals when your body is normally very fatigued.

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ATP Extreme has really helped me deal with lactic acid and reduce my recovery times. I started using it mid way through the 2013 season and immediately noticed how much better my body was able to handle the high intensity training required as a 400m sprinter. Since each batch is Certified Drug Free, I can use it with confidence under USADA and I’m excited to see how long-term, consistent use of ATP Extreme will help me on my quest for a 2016 Olympic Medal!


Pro 400m Track and Field Sprinter
2013 National Champion

REASON 4: ATP Extreme is Extremely Safe and Certified Drug Free


Each batch of ATP Extreme is tested for all current banned substances on the World Anti-Doping Agency prohibited substance list. Because of this, you can use ATP Extreme with confidence under any federation and at any level of competition without having to worry about drug testing.

In addition, ATP Extreme is so safe that you never have to cycle off and on it. You can take it year round without having to worry about long-term health issues.

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I started using ATP Extreme at the beginning of the 2014 season and I immediately noticed that my endurance went way up, my lactic acid went way down, and my recovery was really fast between intervals and between training sessions. As a track athlete, we really deplete ATP levels in our body during training and races, so it made sense to me that supplementing your body with actual ATP could have a big impact on performance. So far, I’m loving what ATP Extreme is doing for me and I’m really looking forward to using it for the entire training cycle before next year’s World Championships.


Pro Track and Field Sprinter
2014 200m National Champion
2013 200m World Bronze Medalist

ATP Extreme is so effective for high intensity athletes at fighting the effects of lactic acid that 9 out of 10 track athletes who try ATP Extreme re-order it!



If you are serious about your athletic endeavors, you need to be taking ATP Extreme…PERIOD!

It will help you combat the effects of lactic acid, it will help you build strength approximately TWICE as fast as normally, it will help increase your endurance, and it will also help improve recovery.

Within just a few doses of ATP Extreme, you will be SOLD… GUARANTEED!