Some products I have previously tried made me feel “jittery”, some had the “crash” effect and some gave me headaches. ATP Exteme gave me a better pump, increased vascularity and greater endurance. I manage to get through my weight training session followed by cardio with the same energy from beginning to end. After a week of use, I managed to Single Arm Row 65lb DB for 6 reps on my 4th set! Could it be that ATP Extreme played a role! I have never even come close to doing that before!

ATP Extreme will now be added to my “go to and must have” products. As I prep for BC Provincials in Figure (my 2nd Figure show), I will be using ATP Extreme during my late night training and cardio sessions. Best part about this product as well is that I am still able to sleep, as this product is stimulant free! The right choice for those that workout at night and for those that want to workout at night but need that boost without stimulants.