I am a skeptic at heart regarding supplements. I believe this is because of all the different products I have tried over the years. I remember flipping through magazines and seeing this kind of supplement or that can of powder or pill and wondering if they would hold up to their claim. None ever did. Not until I found ATP Extreme. One of my teammates on Iron Authority turned me on to the product and I am very grateful that he did. It is by far the best overall supplement that I have added to my arsenal. In the short times I have been using it I had seen tremendous gains and regains. Before starting the product I was away from powerlifting training for about three weeks. As soon as I returned from my trip I immediately began using ATP Extreme and seen my numbers coming back. I used ATP Extreme while leading up to the 2013 USA Powerlifting Raw Nationals. Even with my limited training time before the competition I was still able to place 13th against some of the best powerlifters in the nation and some top ranked world competitors. I truly contributed this to having ATP Extreme in my corner. I recover faster, my energy levels are through the roof, my strength is growing with each training session, it does not give you any of the jittery or crash feeling like so many other product out on the market. Best of all its completely banned substance free and works. There is nothing to lose by using this product. You will see gains, you will see improvements in yourself. Do not cut yourself short, become the best you can possible be with ATP Extreme.


Paul Felder

USA Powerlifting Raw Athlete