ATP Extreme has probably been one of the greatest finds for me in helping me back to getting in shape. As a former NFL Wide Receiver and Tight End, I always had to be in the best shape to compete at the highest level of my game. I’ve been retired for 6 years and in trying to get back to that playing weight and athletic looking body, I found that ATP Extreme has been best thing I’ve used in years. ATP Extreme helps me to see results instantly. Now when I mean instantly I mean that day. Instead of warming up with 225 lbs on Bench Press for 12 reps, I found myself the first day of using ATP Extreme feeling more pumped up and energized so I put on 250 and knocked out 16 reps with no problem as if I had been doing that weight for months. My cardiovascular endurance has gone up tremendously as I don’t fatigue as easily and it makes me focus at the task at hand. When I do sprints I actually find myself not needing as much rest to recover as usual and feel as if I can actually do more than I anticipated. I will definitely be prescribing this to my athletes and clients as I help them bust through their plateaus and get to the best shape of their life.

Mikhael Ricks
Mr Sports Performance
Twitter: @mrsportsperform

Former NFL Player and Fitness Coach
Miami, FL