ATP supplements are becoming more and more popular. If you aren’t aware of what an ATP supplement is, know that it stands for adenosine triphosphate, and it’s a chemical that (in our opinion) should be on every athlete’s mind. No matter if you exercise for fun or are a competitive athlete, ATP supplements should be given attention.

What does ATP do?
ATP was recently tested on athletes. This study showed that ATP is most significantly known to open your blood vessels in order to increase blood flow, or as we like to call it, cause vasodilatation. It also is shown to suppress pain; however, the body can tightly control how much ATP is outside of the cells in your blood stream. So, ATP was tested in a few other ways. When compared to creatine supplementation, ATP supplementation showed to improve muscular endurance towards the end of lengthy weight sets. This shows that ATP has the ability to boost the user’s endurance and even recovery, which is when increased blood flow comes into play as well.

Information that you should be aware of is that ATP breaks down rapidly outside of your cells, and that is where it degrades into adenosine. This is where blood flow promoting takes place, and in theory takes your performance improvement up a notch.

Is ATP worth it?
In many of the studies done, there is no doubt about it, the ATP supplement has shown tremendous benefits, as long as you’re taking the correct dosage.