Natural vasodilation can be tough to achieve. Vasodilation is when your blood vessels expand and let larger amounts of oxygen and nutrient-rich blood flow to and through the muscles of the body. So from where does the natural part come? There are a few different ways to increase vasodilation, including intense exercise, but for those who are looking for a higher amount of vasodilation, inside and outside of the gym, a natural vasodilator may be in your radar.

Nitric oxide is a very powerful vasodilator, and you can get this by nitrate, flavonoid and L-arginine rich foods. Foods like leaf lettuce, beets and spinach are packed with nitrate. Foods packed with flavonoids include broccoli, hawthorn, dark chocolate, spinach and kale. L-arginine can be found in red meat, chicken, cheese, milk, fish, and eggs. But you can also obtain this vasodilator by eating walnuts, cashews and almonds.

If you’re an athlete who is looking for a way to increase vasodilation naturally, there are more ways to do so than by solely eating these foods. Natural vasodilators can be achieved through supplementation in addition to your diet. So, if you’re looking to increase blood flow, gain muscle mass and stay lean, ATP Extreme is for you. Visit us online today to learn all about the natural vasodilators packed into our supplements. Feel free to contact a trainer online here if you have questions or concerns.